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Best Places for Christmas Buffet and Christmas Eve Dinner in 2018

Christmas is here and many of us are already prepping for the celebration including gifts and parties. Here’s a list of the top 10 places to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones this year.

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12 Ways To Celebrate Christmas Without Blowing Your Budget

Want to celebrate while still saving some cash for the New Year? Here are a dozen ways you can improve your Christmas spending in keeping with your budget.

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Practical Tips for Giving Christmas Gifts on a Budget

The end of the year is fast rolling around, and you’re all busy planning how you want to spend the rest of your leave days. Then you suddenly remember! Oh no, the office is having a Christmas party in December and you need to get gifts, and not just for the boss. Alternatively, you may […]

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Under RM50

Ever felt like the holiday season is still weeks away, but then reality suddenly comes crashing down and Christmas is actually in just a few days? What if you don’t have enough savings to get expensive and nice gifts for everyone?

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12 Creative Tips To Plan Your Christmas Shopping

Two of the things that everyone looks forward to during the festive period are — Christmas songs and Christmas shopping! In this time of the year, gift shopping can be a pretty stressful ordeal due to the amount of time and money involved.

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Should Malaysian Students Work Part-time While Studying?

Going to college or university is an expensive affair. With the increasing costs of tuition fees, accommodation and other living expenses, there is a long list of things that Malaysian students have to consider when taking into account their college or university finances. In fact, many Malaysian students these days have to consider getting a […]

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