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Citi Is Offering Cashback For Online, E-Wallet, And 0% EPP Purchases!

Dharshaini Grace

Dharshaini Grace

Last updated 03 August, 2022

Do you own a Citi Credit Card? Here’s good news for you! Citi is back with a campaign for  Online,  E-Wallet, and 0% Easy Payment Plan (EPP) from 1st August to 31st October 2022. With this campaign, you’ll enjoy up to RM118 cashback when you meet the specified minimum spend requirements under the online and e-wallet category, and the 0% EPP category. 

Spend category Conditions & Details Cashback cap per customer in one campaign month
Online & e-wallet Minimum cumulative spend of RM1,800 in a campaign month RM100
Citi 0% EPP Minimum one new successful Citi 0% EPP booking of RM1,800 and above in a campaign month RM18
  Total RM118

Where to spend for online and e-wallet category 

To ensure your eligibility, do spend with participating e-commerce merchants and e-wallet platforms. These include: 

  • Boost
  • GrabPay
  • KiplePay
  • Lazada Wallet
  • Setel
  • ShopeePay
  • Touch ‘n Go (TNG) eWallet

FYI BigPay transactions are excluded from the online and e-wallet category, so do take note! Not only that, it will take about 3-5 business days from the actual day of purchase for 0% EPP transactions to be reflected in your statement. 

Other transactions excluded include any payments made through JomPay, insurance payments along with balance transfers, and instalments paid under Citi PayLite. 

For more information on this campaign, click here