We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?”

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We Asked Malaysian Bloggers: “Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?” | CompareHero.my

The day of roses is probably a polarizing day for singles and couples in Malaysia. And in order to get an idea on what Malaysians think, we interviewed recognised lifestyle and personal bloggers in the country to tell us what they think of Valentine’s Day, and answer many other questions about the holiday.

For some people, Valentine’s Day is as special as their birthdays and Christmas. For some, it is just an ordinary day – or rather a day that should be spent every day (Hence the quote – every day should be Valentine’s Day). Here’s what we think – it may not be a special holiday in Malaysia, but you won’t disagree if we say it’s a day close to each and everyone’s heart, right?

If you have watched the movie Up, you’ll realise its most powerful moment are those brief scenes involving Carl and Ellie at the beginning of the film. From the day they met, the film tried to capture their most important moments in a reel fashion, but have not forgotten to tuck in moments of them holding each other’s hands, or Ellie fixing Carl’s tie – making sure it suits him well.

It’s moments like these that tug at our heart strings and possibly inspire us to spend just that little more on Valentine’s Day. But is love really about digging deep into your pockets? Read on to find out what our Malaysian bloggers think.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day in general and how do you celebrate it?

To many people around the world, Valentine’s Day is something that’s special. As lifestyle blogger Stephanie Lim mentioned, “It’s a day for couples to celebrate and reminisce their relationship.” Incidentally, this is a phrase echoed by other bloggers we interviewed.

Cindy Tey shared her thoughts, “Some may think that Valentine’s Day is commercialized but to me, it is a special day that serves as a good reminder to give love – whether it is to someone else or yourself. While love should be celebrated every day, in reality we can get too busy with the daily grind.”

But there is a difference of opinion however, about this holiday. Beauty blogger Fiona thinks every day can be Valentine’s Day. For her, this is not about giving or receiving large bouquet of flowers or dining at the most expensive restaurants – but spending quality time with the people you love – be it your significant other, your friends, family, or your children. Doing this should not be exclusive during Valentine’s but should be a daily affair.

There might be different opinions about Valentine’s Day in general, but we can all agree that it is a day that reminds us of two things. First, it reminds us of the people we love and care for. And second, it reminds us that this care that we have for others is not something exclusive on February 14, but must rather be showed every day of the year.

What do you think is the best and worst gift to give to someone on this day?

All bloggers we interviewed unanimously agreed that while gifts can make it special, there’s no best or worst gift, as long as what you offered comes with all your sincerity and honesty. For Ernest, a popular artist at Don’t Like that Bro blog, the best gift is probably someone’s time. “The best way would be spending nice quality time with your significant other.”


Do you have a favourite place to visit within or outside Malaysia?

Malaysia, being a tourist destination, naturally has many places that cater for couples wanting to have a romantic escape from the city. Stephanie Lim recommends an island holiday while both of you enjoy being surrounded by nature. Fiona chose Penang, also a favourite of ours. To Fiona (and us!), it’s a “Food haven for those who are into trying out various Malaysian hawker/street food, beaches, and the sun is perfect for sun tanning!” Popular blogger Ken Wooi also recommends Penang – or even Malacca for food enthusiasts.

If you can afford it, travel blogger Tommy Ooi recommends Japan as an ideal place to visit for its unique culture. Of course at around February, snow is just starting to melt in Tokyo, hence your trip there will be a bit cold yet you can still feel the warmth of spring which will come by March.

What would you recommend for couples out there celebrating Valentine’s Day?

“Make it memorable”, said beauty and lifestyle blogger Ashley Yeen.

But how do we make it memorable? Do we do that by buying the most expensive gifts?

“If we can try to remember what Valentine’s day is all about, we won’t be petty with what our other half has planned ahead, as the most important thing is to spend quality time with each other,” says Fiona from Street- Love.net. Indeed words echoed by lifestyle blogger Jessica of Jessicat sums it up well:

“Don’t just treat your other half really special only on Valentine’s Day. If you are really in love and care for one another, every day with him/her should feel like Valentine’s Day!”

All in all, the advice is to keep it simple, especially if we are going to consider the last question posed to our bloggers:

Any advice for those who want to celebrate it on a budget?

“There’s no doubt that Valentine’s day can be as pricey or as cheap depending on how much you are willing to spend. So it is important that you know from the start how much you are willing to spend,” pointed by Stephanie Lim. Fiona also has a good advice:

“Everything is expensive these days. Why not plan for a simple, cosy, meal and movie at home. Just the two of you.”

Cindy describes how even a simple plant can be a gift that is truly meaningful, “It is the little thoughts that give you extra points. Instead of buying fresh flowers, why not a potted one that blossoms all year long? My fiancé got me an orchid so that we can nurture it together – I like that idea more than withering flowers anytime!”

Beauty blogger Ika, shared her tips on how make the most of a low budget. “Cook for each other and have a candle lit dinner by the beach.” And it seems like cooking for each other is the way to go as Jessica agrees with the idea of having a meal specially cooked by your other half.

However, one of the best pieces of advice ever comes from Ernest, “If she still sticks with you even after you bring her out to KFC on V-Day, she’s the one.” It should never be about what you spend, but who you spend it with.

And every year, weeks before the Valentine’s Day rolls around, we are exposed to countless forms of advertising that seem to let us think that Valentine’s Day is a special day that we celebrate with the most expensive items we can give or the priciest experiences we can share.

We can do that, but, we need to set our expectations right. As Ken Wooi mentioned, “Don’t succumb to the pressure created by brands to celebrate it big. Spend within your means. Spend at an affordable place and you can have Valentine’s Day at any other day.”

Here’s to a nice Valentine’s Day to all of our readers!

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