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A Beginner’s Guide to Will Writing in Malaysia

*Updated on 14th Sep 2017 None of us has the power to predict the future. So, for peace of mind, and to ensure your family and loved ones will get what is rightfully theirs, here is a guide to help you identify what you should know about will writing and surat wasiat in Malaysia.

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How Much Should You Have In Savings by The Age of 30?

Having savings as a financial buffer for yourself is a crucial part of personal finance. It is the first and easiest step towards building your wealth before going into other personal finance components that are more complex such as investing, property (asset) management and building your own business (income).

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Sebab Rakyat Malaysia Perlu Menyimpan Wang Bermula Sekarang

Tahukah anda ramai rakyat Malaysia meminjam wang dari membuat simpanan? Ketahui jenis simpanan yang anda perlu ada dan kepentingannya.

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How To Withdraw EPF Account Savings For Personal Use?

Do you know the rights you have over the retirement money you save in your EPF account? spoke to Puan Balqais Yusoff, Head of Strategy Management Department in EPF to help answer some of the common questions we have.

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To Malaysians, From Malaysians: Do Better For Your Retirement

Ongoing arguments about the rising cost of living, stagnant wage growth, unhealthy levels of debt per household, and unemployment issues continue to heat Malaysians up on daily basis. However, it seems that we are still not shaken by the fact that the majority of Malaysians are not financially prepared to survive once our main income […]

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